This blog is part of a larger multimedia project I’m undertaking for my Master’s thesis at the University of Miami. Using video, photography, infographics and interactives, I’ll be examining the current state of Florida’s death row system.

I first became interested in the topic while doing research for a collection of video stories on Florida. I was looking at issues that were troublesome for the state and was surprised to learn that Florida’s death row is the second largest in the nation, behind California. There are several possible explanations for this, such as Florida’s location in the strip of states called “The Death Belt” or the fact that unlike states like Texas, Florida doesn’t execute many people each year. But whatever the reason, Florida’s death row keeps getting bigger and the people on it remain there for longer and longer.

Another fact that fascinated me is that Florida leads the nation in death row exonerations. For some reason, there are a significant number of people in Florida sentenced to death that are later found innocent of the crimes they were accused of. I struggled to determine why this was the case, but so far I have only raised more questions than I have answered.

This project is an attempt to answer some of these questions and to take a long, hard look at Florida’s death row. I’ll be talking to attorneys, lawmakers, current death row inmates and their families, exonerees, activists, wardens and anyone else willing to sit down with me. This is not meant to be a pro or anti death penalty project. It is meant to be an honest look at a system most know little about. My hope is that I’ll answer some questions, raise a few new ones and inspire discussion about a topic that is shrouded in silence.

Eventually this blog will be incorporated with the site I’ll be creating to house all the project materials, but for now, just bear with me. Thanks for joining and I look forward to sharing my findings with you.



P.S. Debate and dialogue is strongly encouraged, however, please abide by the guidelines listed here.

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Megan, we are so grateful for all you are researching and relaying. How may we possibly contact you — didn’t see an email here. Thanks!

    • admin says:

      I’m still working on getting a contact form up on here, so hopefully I can get that figured out soon! I just sent you an email so you can contact me there until I figure the contact form out…Thanks for the interest!

  2. Melanie Crolley says:

    Megan- excellent work! We certainly can use some openminded discussion about the death penalty. Thanks for sharing this most interesting project with me.

  3. Unwichtig says:

    I’m sure you migt be interested in information provided here:


    Read the adendum with it and see for yourself.. Both CCRCs have not been reapointed by the Governor yet. Reapointment would have been due YEARS ago!
    They still get paid year after year..
    Read the report and decide for yourself if this deserves to be called “representation” for death row inmates in their post conviction appeals.
    In case you would like to know more about “inside CCR” drop me a note.


  4. Petra Hannon says:

    Please keep up the good work! Solidarity from Germany 🙂

  5. It’s quite a task you’ve taken on, and I wish you great success with it. I write to governors, other politicians and the media about executions, incarcerated innocents and prison conditions, and hope that you will take a look at my blog when you get the chance.

  6. admin says:

    Thanks to all for the words of encouragement as I continue to try to come to grips with such a weighty and complex topic!

  7. Dudley Sharp says:


    I have found that thorough fact checking reveals that anti death penalty arguments are either false of that pro death penalty positions are stronger.

    I hope to review that thesis with you on this site.

    I am a former death penalty opponent.

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