Tonight’s Execution of Marshall Lee Gore in Florida Temporarily Stayed

This is a developing story. Check back for updates. 

What would have been the third execution in Florida in 6 weeks has been delayed, as a federal appeals court temporarily stayed the lethal injection of Marshall Lee Gore just an hour before it was to be carried out.

From David Ovalle for the Miami Herald

The U.S. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, based in Atlanta, issued the stay to give Gore’s lawyers a chance to hash out a claim that he cannot be executed because he is insane.

But the court said it would move quickly to come to a decision before the death warrant signed by Gov. Rick Scott expires. Oral arguments will be held Thursday.

Gore received two death sentences for the 1988 killings of Susan Roark and Robyn Novick. Relatives of Novick had traveled to Starke to witness the execution and according to Ovalle’s report were unhappy with the stay.

“They’re upset. This has been going on for 25 years,” retired Columbia Sheriff’s Office Lt. Neal Nydam, told Ovalle. “They’re trying to find closure and it’s not going to happen today.”

Gore had already been served his last meal of steak, a Coke and a baked potato that he did not eat. He also met with the volunteer chaplain, who serves as spiritual adviser to some of the inmates. 

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