The Latest From Florida’s Death Row

Florida Court Upholds Murder Conviction Against Man Who Killed a Jacksonville Store ClerkThe Florida Supreme Court is upholding a murder conviction against a man convicted of killing a Jacksonville convenience store clerk in 1990. The court ruled there was not enough evidence to throw out the conviction against death row inmate Anthony Mungin.


Florida Supreme Court Suspends Former Prosecutor Over Relationship With Judge: The Florida Supreme Court suspended the law license of a former Broward prosecutor for two years as punishment for the attorney’s too-cozy relationship with a judge during a 2007 murder trial.

The decision announced Thursday came as a blow to Howard Scheinberg, a 25-year member of the Florida Bar with no previous history of disciplinary action. The Florida Bar had agreed with a referee who recommended a one-year suspension. Scheinberg appealed that recommendation, but the court came down even harder.

Scheinberg was found guilty of professional misconduct stemming from his friendship with then-Broward Circuit Judge Ana Gardiner, a relationship documented in a series of 949 cellphone calls and 471 text messages that took place while Scheinberg was trying a murder case before Gardiner.


Jury Recommends Death for Florida Man Who Killed Teen: Jurors have recommended death on Thursday for a Florida Panhandle man convicted of killing a teenage Georgia girl on vacation with her family. A Walton County jury voted 12-0 that Steven Cozzie, 23, should die. Circuit Judge Kelvin Wells will make the final decision sometime in the future. Cozzie was convicted last week of first-degree murder, sexual battery, aggravated child abuse and kidnapping.

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One thought on “The Latest From Florida’s Death Row

  1. Roberta says:

    I’m sad to read of the people on death row and things mentioned in some cases which ,here in England, would have given evidence of a persons innocence .Death row shouldn’t exist because too many innocent are executed .Mental,emotional, abuse living in such a place until they say your time us due .cruel

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