Florida Executions Speeding Up As Gov. Scott Signs Another Death Warrant

Just 10 days after signing his fourth death warrant of 2013, Gov. Scott has used the stroke of his pen to send another Florida inmate on his way to the execution chamber.

The governor’s office reported today that Scott has signed death warrant for 49-year-old Marshall Lee Gore, whose execution is schedule for June 24. Gore was given two death sentences for the 1988 killings of Susan Roark and Robyn Novick.

According to court documents, in March 1988 police found the body of a white female covered with a blue tarp in Miami-Dade County. Dental records were used to identify the body as Robyn Novick. Witnesses testified that five days earlier they saw Novick get into a yellow Corvette and leave a bar in the company of a man who was later identified in photos as Marshall Gore. The Florida Capital Case Commission’s summary goes on to detail how Gore was also seen driving what appeared to be Novick’s car:

On the morning of 03/12/88, Gore came to the house of David Restrepo, driving a yellow Corvette with “Robyn N” on the license plate.  Restrepo was told by Gore that his girlfriend had loaned him the car.  Gore and Restrepo then drove to a strip club, and Gore explained that he wanted to change his name to Robyn.  The two then went to a convenience store, but after leaving the store, Gore lost control of the vehicle, which flipped several times and came to a rest with two flat tires.  Gore and Restrepo abandoned the wrecked car.  Police found the abandoned car and discovered credit cards, a driver license, and cigarette case, all belonging to Robyn Novick.

A month later the skeletonized remains of Susan Roark were found in Columbia County. Roark was last seen alive in Cleveland, Tennessee when the two struck up a conversation and drove away in Roark’s car. Gore later arrived in Tampa driving Roark’s car and convinced a friend to help him pawn several of Roark’s things.

Gore was sentenced to death in the Roark case in 1990 and then again in the Novick case in 1995. In a piece for The Miami Herald, David Ovalle writes that “Gore’s 1995 trial in Miami was marked by disruptive behavior. He cursed, laughed and howled during the trial, angering the victim’s family and frustrating his own lawyer.”

The prosecutor in the case showed some disruptive behavior as well, and in 1998 the Florida Supreme Court overturned Gore’s conviction. More from Ovalle:

The Florida Supreme Court, in 1998, overturned the conviction after ruling that the prosecutor on the case “exceeded the proper conduct and professionalism” in taunting Gore and telling a jury “he deserves to die.”

Gore received a new trial a year later and was again sentenced to death.

Gore also has been handed numerous other sentences, including a life sentence for the attempted murder of Tina Coralis in 1988. According to The Associated Press, “two days after killing Novick, Gore attacked Coralis. After beating, raping and stabbing her, Gore left Coralis her for dead on the side of the road near the scene where Novick’s body was found earlier.”

Scott’s death warrant only refers to the death of Novick. He is scheduled to receive a lethal injection at 6 p.m. ET June 24 at Florida State Prison in Starke.

Upcoming Florida Executions:

Elmer Carroll, May 28

William Van Poyck, June 12

Marshall Lee Gore, June 24

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