One Florida Death Sentence Overturned, Another Upheld

From the Associated Press:

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — A man sentenced to death after being convicted of killing and raping an Orange Park veterinary technician will get a new trial.

The Florida Supreme Court on Thursday reversed Michael Renard Jackson’s murder conviction and death sentence.

The 5-2 majority found that a videotape of his interrogation prejudiced his Clay County jury because investigating officers repeatedly expressed their view that he was guilty.

They also commented on the character of the victim, Andrea Boyer, and her family life.

Boyer was strangled and beaten to death with a fire extinguisher at the veterinary clinic where she worked early in the morning of Jan. 23, 2007.

Chief Justice Ricky Polston and Justice Charles Canady dissented. Canady wrote the video was a harmless error because DNA evidence implicated Jackson.

From The Miami Herald:

The Florida Supreme Court on Thursday upheld the conviction and death sentence for a Miami man who killed a 5-year-old girl and threw her into the Everglades to be eaten by alligators.

Harrel Franklin Braddy, 63, was convicted in 2007 of the slaying of Quatisha Maycock and the attempted murder of her mother.

Back in November 1998, Braddy kidnapped Shandelle Maycock and her young daughter from a North Miami-Dade apartment building. He choked Shandelle and left her on the side of a deserted stretch of U.S. 27 in Palm Beach County.

Then, Braddy — fearing the little girl could identify him to police — dumped Quatisha on the side of Alligator Alley. He led police to the area, but they did not find her body.

Two fisherman later discovered Quatisha’s badly mangled corpse. An autopsy revealed that she had likely been alive when alligators ate her.

His lawyers has asked justices to reverse the conviction and sentence based on a host of legal reasons, including that trial judge improperly allowed in certain evidence. Justices denied his claims.

Braddy had a long history of felony convictions, including attempted murder of a corrections officer and kidnapping an elderly couple.

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2 thoughts on “One Florida Death Sentence Overturned, Another Upheld

  1. sky palace says:

    what a f***** joke the court system really needs to improve! The man got his sentence and you can see guilty all over his face and what was presented (DNA) hello. I really feel bad for the Cochlin family having to go through this once again!
    In conclusion my personal opinion is let’s really put this monster down this second round now and not in 20 years so the world knows and this family can live to observe

    • Allegra says:

      I do not agree. DNA simply showed that there was a sexual contact. He did not deny that. He said that he had a kind of affair with that girl. If you want to give him the death sentence you need more evidence. Just because there is a probability does not mean that he did it. A witness saw a silver pick-up on the crime scene. Jackson did not have any access to a car. A footprint was found but it did not match Jackson foot size.
      Unless they find other kind of DNA of JAckson on the crime scene like blood, hair or skin he is – in dubio pro reo – not guilty.

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