New Florida Death Sentence: Marvin Cannon

A Gadsden County judge followed a jury’s 9-3 recommendation and sentenced 31-year-old Marvin Cannon to death this morning in Quincy. The sentence is believed to be the first death sentence in Quincy since 1994.

Cannon was convicted of the fatal stabbing of Zachariah Morgan on Christmas Eve in 2010.

According to local news site, Morgan and another man, Sean Neel, picked up Cannon and Anton McMillan and drove to a rural area where Morgan and Neel thought they were buying corn from Cannon and McMillan.

Instead, McMillan and Cannon robbed and stabbed the two men. Neel recovered from his injuries.

Both Cannon and McMillan were arrested for the crimes, but McMillan has not been tried because questions have been raised about his mental capacity.

A jury recommended a death sentence over life without parole on October 10, after deliberating for about an hour.

Cannon’s attorneys argued that he should be spared because he suffers from anxiety disorder, depressive disorder and that his  has been a result of his troubled childhood.

Every single one of his sibling role models, whatever you want to call them, had been in trouble,” defense attorney Clyde Taylor told WCTV. “Thus, it would be logic that he didn’t have a choice, if you will. I’m not making it a choice as something you consciously decide, but, that’s what your environment is.”


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