Tonight’s Execution of Donnie Roberts, Rick Perry’s 250th Execution

UPDATE: Donnie Roberts has been executed.

In what was Gov. Rick Perry’s 250th execution, Texas carried out a death sentence for 41-year-old Donnie Lee Roberts. Roberts was convicted of the 2003 shooting death of his girlfriend, Vicki Bowen.

Roberts was addicted to alcohol and crack cocaine, had violated probation and dropped out of the Louisiana drug treatment program he was in when he committed the crime. According to The Austin Chronicle, he was under the influence of both alcohol and crack when he demanded money from Bowen so he could buy more drugs. When she refused, Roberts shot her and stole several items, including jewelry, a TV and Bowen’s son’s truck.

“I pointed the gun at her and I said, ‘if you’d just give me some money.’ And she said ‘No,’ ” Roberts told officials, according to The Chicago Tribune. “And then I said, ‘Look, it doesn’t have to be this way.’ That’s all I remember saying to her. And the next thing I know, I shot her.”

An Associated Press story on Roberts’ execution reports that he immediately requested the death penalty  after being arrested. “I just remember it was very very bad to try to overcome his own mouth from the beginning,” Stephen Taylor, one of Roberts’ trial attorneys, said in the story.

Roberts also confessed to an unsolved murder that took place 12 years earlier, but was never charged in that case.

Earlier this week, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected an appeal for Roberts, declining to review his case.

Roberts became the 488th person killed by the state of Texas since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976.

In his last statement, Roberts expressed remorse for his crime.

“I’m really sorry. I never meant to cause you all so much pain,” Roberts said to Bowen’s father. “I hope you can go on with your life….I loved your daughter. I hope to God he lets me see her in Heaven so I can apologize to her and see her and tell her.”
Roberts was pronounced dead at 6:39 p.m. CT, 23 minutes after the injection began.

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5 thoughts on “Tonight’s Execution of Donnie Roberts, Rick Perry’s 250th Execution

  1. charlene mason says:

    two wrongs don’t make a right.

  2. Rob Burford says:

    We’re all told that two wrongs don’t make a right, but in what instances is this philosophy implied.

    In English a double negative (two wrongs) make a positive (right).

    In Math, it’s the same concept, two negative signs equal a positive sign.

    .Physics states that for every action there is an equal, but OPPOSITE reaction, meaning that if someone wrongs you, you’re supposed to equalize their wrong with a positive reaction.

    So when do we use this rule? In our daily lives? That’s funny. Most people live by the “eye for an eye” creed which is basically justifying negative behavior for a negative behavior in order to set things straight.

    It’s funny how when we’re the ones on the receiving end of the second wrong, meaning we’ve already wronged someone and it’s time for us to get ours, we spew “two wrongs don’t make a right” in order to guilt trip the person into not retaliating….!

    rob b.England.

  3. charlene mason says:

    executing the guilty is not the answer. it is not a deterrent & it does not appease the victims family.

    • Rob Burford says:

      Correct,(although most victim familys weill support it), it is an act of vengenace,retribution, Do we debate the justice of executing Hitler, had we the opportunity? Do we attach some scale of inhumanity that grants death to a killer of only a certain number? Obviously, no. I think the ‘eye for an eye’ staple certainly makes sense. Why should a savage be allowed to enjoy ANY part of life, having ended the lives of innocents?

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