Tonight’s Execution: Anthony Haynes

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Anthony Haynes

Anthony Haynes   Photo: Melissa Phillip/Houston Chronicle

UPDATE: Anthony Haynes has been granted a stay of execution by the U.S. Supreme Court. You can view the Court’s ruling here. According to the Houston Chronicle, Haynes praised God from his cell for stopping the execution: “God told me I wouldn’t die on death row,” an ecstatic Haynes told a prison employee. “He put things in my path to keep me focused. God proved himself to be faithful. He delivered me from the death chamber. To God be all the glory.”


Texas is preparing to carry out the state’s 11th execution of 2012 with the lethal injection of 33-year-old Anthony Haynes. Haynes was convicted of shooting and killing an off-duty police officer in Houston in 1998.

Haynes, who was 19 at the time of the shooting, claims he did not know his victim, Kent Kincaid, was a police sergeant when he shot him. Kincaid was driving his Jeep Cherokee with his wife, Nancy Kincaid, when Haynes drove by and something hit and cracked Kincaid’s windshield. Kincaid followed Haynes and when Haynes stopped the car, Kincaid approached him.

Kincaid said he was a police officer, asked for Haynes’ license and reached behind his back for his badge. At that point, Haynes pulled out a gun and shot Kincaid in the head. Kincaid was declared brain-dead at the hospital.

Haynes has said he did not know whether to believe Kincaid when he said he was a police officer.

“I’m not a vicious psychopath who goes around wanting to take people’s lives,” Haynes told the Houston Chronicle in a 2001 death row interview cited in this Chicago Tribune report. “There was no intent to kill a cop. He did not ID himself until a second before I shot him.”

According to the Austin Chronicle, “Haynes blamed the tragedy in part on drugs and falling in with a bad crowd of people who reportedly made a game out of shooting at the windshields of passing cars and then robbing the drivers after they stopped. As it happened, the crack in Kincaid’s windshield was made by a bullet. Jurors in Haynes’ case deliberated for three days before sentencing the teen to death.”

Haynes has previously had his sentence overturned when the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Haynes’ right to equal protection under the law had been denied by an unusual jury-selection process. From the Austin Chronicle:

Indeed, two different judges presided over Haynes’ jury selection; one heard prosecutors interview individual jurors, and a second heard the lawyers’ arguments for striking from service the potential jurors. As it turned out, the state used its power to strike all but one of the black potential jurors, arguing that it was not their race that excluded them (which would be illegal), but their “demeanor.” But Haynes’ appeal attorney argued that the judge who allowed those strikes had not actually witnessed the jurors’ questioning and thus could not actually have seen whether their demeanor would be a basis on which to have them struck. The U.S. Supreme Court ultimately disagreed with the 5th Circuit, ruling that there was no rule that would require a judge to “personally observe” the juror questioning when deciding whether a juror is lawfully struck from service.

On Tuesday the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles unanimously rejected Haynes’ request for clemency, as well as his request that the Board recommend to Gov. Rick Perry a 90-day stay of execution to allow a review of his case. A federal court ruled against Haynes as well late Monday night, rejecting his claim that his original trial attorneys were ineffective.

Haynes has appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court. He is set to be executed by lethal injection tonight at 6 p.m. CT in Huntsville, Texas.

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27 thoughts on “Tonight’s Execution: Anthony Haynes

  1. Dudley Sharp says:

    Anthony, your claims MIGHT have more credibility if you stated you found out he was a cop after you shot him, but, as you admit he told you he was a cop befor you shot him, well . . .

    And as you and your buds were shooting at folks and there cars, in an attempt to car jack someone, at that same time, I think we know why you shot him.

    Time to be reflective, admit your guilt and offer true contrition.

    • Kris Finch says:

      You heartless bastards, to murder this lad makes you ten times worse than he ever was. Texas is a third world state without brains or compassion!

      Whilst the United States continues to murder its own children on this wretched death row it will continue to be looked down upon as a third world nation by the civilized modern world. Whilst the so called ‘justice’ of the U.S courts remains only available to the few with deep enough pockets to purchase it and until the system is mature enough to stop “murdering” human beings…this madness called Death Row must stop.

      Shame is brought upon all the citizens of Texas for allowing their administration to murder human beings.
      Everyone loses tonight……… Utter madness!

  2. Re Flection says:

    It’s perverse and obscene what happened in this State. These cold blooded murders, sponsored by the citizens of Texas, are a shame for America that’s brag out to keep human rights. No, no human rights are kept, no dignity is left. Its just hypocritical and bigoted.

  3. I totally agree with Kris. I’ve been watching this website closely for updates on the John Ferguson case as he was due to be executed tonight also (I’m in the U.K so it would be at 11pm here when he was due to be executed) thank fully he has got a stay until the 23rd but this still isn’t good enough. Anyway, I then came across this update and I am saddened and outraged at the.US justice system. Murder is murder. I just don’t understand how people can think this is retribution. A young man will be murdered tonight that could have the opportunity to turn his life around, if only the state would give him the support and counsel that he needs. It’s despicable and people that support the death penalty should hang their head in shame, you are supporting another murder of a life.

  4. Kris Finch says:

    There is a God, Anthony Haynes execution has been halted by the supreme court!

    • jason fisher says:

      How you dispicable people can say its unjustice or murder to take the life of a condemed person, what if this person raped and murdered your baby child or wife would you still have the same out look on the death penalty, certainly from a mans point of view if this happened to your loved one you would automatically want to take matters into your own hands carry out your own justice kris finch obviously has never had a family member murdered or even a friend for that matter, and saying it cost more to execute a person than it does to keep them locked up for 50 years is plain foolish please show me where I can find that you idiot.

  5. […] zu Anthony Haynes bei Steve Hall & Megan. Dieser Eintrag wurde veröffentlicht in Todesstrafe und getaggt als Stay. Fügen Sie den […]

  6. Good, USSC just gave a stay, look up #AnthonyHaynes on twitter for links.

  7. Claudia says:

    Death penalty is an absurd. I can understand the desire for revenge (they like to call it justice, but its the old revenge) of the victim´s friends and family. But I can not understand how the State murder a human being in a cold blood. Its not the rule of the State provides “justice” murdering people. Its an outrage this kind of public revenge. Thank God I live in a country where there´s no death penalty and no life sentences. Here we believe in reabilitation and forgiveness. And our crimes rates aren´t bigger than USA´s. Death penalty do not make a country safer. ITs ONLY REVENGE!

    • Eve Keating says:

      Claudia , Just unbelievable that the Americans call this. Justice. This is Murder ! They can dress it up any way they want. It is cold calculated murder.

  8. bullzeye says:

    Why don’t all you people from the U.K. do us all a favor and take these murderous Thugs and support them with your taxes? Also, read this closely about your precious little lad.

    • Kris Finch says:

      The fact is “bullzeye….. to put a human being to death costs twice as much of “your” taxes than keeping that human being in prison for 50 years.
      No matter how inconvienient that truth is ….It is the truth!
      I find your lust and urgency for the murder of human beings shameful and evil.

    • nadinepower48 . says:

      Im from the uk but I dont agree with certain crime but anthony haynes was a kid when he commited this crime yeah its bad what he done but he needs to be given chance he hasnt live his life why punish his parents by taking his life away I dont agree with amercia with death penalty its wicked wrong give anthony a chance hes apoligise hes regreted what hes done so why take his life away from him him and gor you bulleyeze us uk people we dont murder prisoner

    • Gail says:

      Thanks for that article it was very informative ! Wow he was a total bad ass with no conscience at all . Funny how people become all religious AFTER they murder someone in cold blood and destroy not only their families lives but others lives ( victims family).I do not ever want to see this person walking the streets ever ! He is a fake pretending to be all religious now..He said he was religious before he murdered and robbed people so what good did his religion do him back then ? Certainly did not make him a better person ! This was NO MISTAKE he made ! Watching his demeanor on TV interviews he seems rather arrogant in his assumptions that he will spared after his many many crimes and murder. The fact that he got this stay of execution has nothing…absolutely nothing to with this God or prayer ! It has EVERYTHING to do with this kid using whatever tricks and he could to avoid and delay paying the price for his crime !I bet he will use this time to become even more so called religious and pious ! Then use it to try to con the world into feeling so sorry for him.. I bet he is even more arrogant now with all his media attention ! Maybe he should become a Pastor of a church now…like really ! ( sarcastically) I hope he still gets executed for what he did than his god can take care of him then. If he has so much faith and god is so great why does he delay going to be with him in this so called heaven ? Not much faith there it seems ! What this guy did is extremely scary ! He knew what he was doing and his soul is DARK ! He comes across like a narcissistic to me…

  9. @bullzeye Thank you for the article.In the UK we do actually support our own ‘murderous thugs’ with our own taxes, because unlike some states in the US we do not feel we have the right to play God and murder people in the name of justice.

  10. Daniel says:

    @bullzeye: I totally agree with Lynne. Here in Switzerland (as in all western European countries) we also did abolish death penalty long ago, and guess what, our crime rate is one of the lowest in the world, the amount of inmates is proportionally 10 times lower than in the US and you’d probably be surprised to learn that our “life” sentences cannot exceed 25 years in jail !

    So just do the math (without even taking into account any moral consideration): knowing that when you spare the “bad” guy’s life you will actually indirectly spare 7 or 8 innocent lives and pay less taxes, what’s the point in sending any criminal to death row ?

    Now back to moral considerations: the fact that people fight against death penalty does not mean that they stand on the side of murderers rather than on the side of actual victims. We feel exactly like you, horrified by the crime and expecting an appropriate punishment. But to imagine the state killing prisonners who committed murder sounds as crazy and insane as if the state was paying prison officers to rape guys who commited a rape ! That’s total nonsense.

    The real problem behind this is that no human being is just bad or good. We all are the sum of different emotions like anger, hate, compassion, pity, … When our bad emotions become stronger than our good emotions, it becomes very likely that at one point we’ll be doing somthing wrong. Police, prison and death row may probably catch and stop us after we commited our wrong actions, but they cannot prevent (unless putting everyone in jail since birth). So we all must learn to control our bad emotions to avoid crime, to avoid becoming bad people ourselves, hence increasing crime rate ! When we’re in front of a murderer we do all feel anger and hate against that guy. And that’s exactly where civilized countries must teach their citizen self control rather than supporting their hate and blood thirst in the name of justice.

    If families of victims in the US realized how terrible it is to be sitting in a cage 23 hours a day for 25 years (try locking yourself up in your bathroom for 2 days, you’ll quickly get my point) they would not have to wait all those years for releaf, expecting the (so many times postponed) day of the execution as if that was the only real punishment, and finally being disappointed because death seemed to be too easy.

    Believe me, giving up death penalty requires some efforts from each of us, but in the end it makes all of us and the world in which we live a little better and safer ! The choice is ours !

    • bullzeye says:

      So you are saying without a death penalty there will be less killings? I think there would be MORE. At a few million a pop to keep these POS’s alive is a joke. I don’t think the Death Penalty is for everyone. But certain names that come to my head like John Gacy, Ted Bundy, and YES John Ferguson! They slaughtered MANY people. Ruined thousands of lives! If you only read back in 1977 what he did to those kids you would vomit. He was deemed sain at trial so now shouldn’t matter. His accomplises are long dead. What makes him so special? Your right! Anyone would go mad living in a cage 23 hours a day especially for 35 years. Now evefry inmate is going to use that excuse. Its also funny how it took 35 years before he thinks he is the prince of God. No pity.

    • Gail says:

      Great place to live if you don’t want to really pay for your crime…..

  11. JUDAH says:

    Rest his soul in peace.

  12. SHARON McDougall says:

    At the end of the day he deserves to be executed because he’s left that family without a father and a husband, now at least his mother will know what it’s like to have someone close to you taken from you. So what goes around come around, and also an eye for an eye, so I hope hi execution goes ahead so his wife and two daughters can get closure. Mrs Kincaid if you ever read this my deepest sympathy to you and your daughters.

    • Your comment just makes me sad. So much bitterness. And it seems that you simply want MORE people to be in pain…that’s frightening.

      • Gail says:

        Frightening is having those murderers walking the street ….No one should be made to feel bad for wanting real justice ! He deserves what he gets..

    • kemkem says:

      how can you say something like that? he should be executed so his mother will feel the pain of losing someone? you are heartless

      • taylormade says:

        Wow… I am almost ashamed to be american. Almost. I’m proud as ever. But the death penalty is wrong and we have exonerated over 140 people. That means we execute innocent people regularly. That’s right. Not that this kid is. But he is a kid, when he did it, and his mind doesn’t seem to sharp. He should stay in jail for life for what he did. 25 to life. That’s justice that’s punishment. The death penalty is just cruel and unusual. If we execute killers why not rapists and child molesters ? I mean we could also kill the people who act crazy or are crazy….. see how stupid that is. Take a page from some one who has been on death rows book- the thought of knowing you and the guy next to you are gonna die, knowing the day and time, that people are coming to see who are looking for closure…. rather kill myself.

    • Gail says:

      agreed !

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