Tonight’s Execution: Robert Harris

This post will be updated as details emerge. 

Texas has carried out the execution of 40-year-old Robert Wayne Harris, who was convicted of capital murder after the robbery of the Mi-T-Fine Car Wash were he had worked for 10 months.

Polunsky Unit

“The Walls,” Huntsville Unit in Texas, where executions are carried out.

In March 2000, Harris was arrested and subsequently fired for exposing himself to a customer at the car wash. According to the Associated Press, Harris borrowed a car and a gun from a friend and returned several days later before the car wash opened. The manager, an assistant and a cashier were already there, and each was fatally shot. The assistant manager also had his throat slit.

Three more employees showed up for work and were subsequently shot. Two died and the third survived with permanent injuries.

Texas death chamber in Huntsville

Texas death chamber in Huntsville

Harris confessed to the car wash shootings, and it took a jury 11 minutes of deliberation to convict him. Although his guilt was never questioned, his lawyer argued in appeals that Harris was mentally challenged and therefore unfit for execution. Other appeals also challenged the racial makeup of the jury at his trial, arguing that prosecutors improperly excluded prospective jurors because they were black. These appeals were denied.

According to an Associated Press report, “Harris declined to speak from prison with reporters as Thursday’s execution date neared. A few weeks ago, he went to a prison visiting area for a TV interview, but changed his mind and crawled under a shelf in a tiny interview cage. Officers had to remove him.”

Reporter Jonathan Betz, was in Hunstville covering the execution and tweeted many of the details he witnessed. Betz said Harris did not mention his crimes or the victims before the execution. In his last statement, Harris reportedly said “I’m going home. I’m going home. Don’t worry about me. I’ll be alright. God bless, and the Texas Rangers.”

Among the witnesses was Harris’s brother, who began crying as the execution got underway.

Harris was pronounced dead at 6:43 p.m. CT.

Killer of 5 at Dallas-Area Car Wash Set to Die

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One thought on “Tonight’s Execution: Robert Harris

  1. kim says:

    God bless you in his kingdom in heaven and for those families he killed god bless those angels in heaven and hold up the families we cannot sin live by the sword die by the sword we all have to stay prayed up

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