Tonight’s Execution: Yokamon Hearn


Hearn was pronounced dead at 6:37 p.m. local time. When asked if he had a final statement, he said “I’d like to tell my family, I love you and I wish you all well. I’m ready.”


Tonight at 6 p.m. in Huntsville, Texas, 33-year-old Yokamon Hearn will head to the death chamber. He will be the first inmate in Texas to be executed with a single dose of pentobarbital, instead of the usual 3-drug cocktail used in lethal injections.

Hearn was sentenced to death for the 1998 shooting of stockbroker Frank Meziere in a carjacking at a Dallas car wash. A few hours ago, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected his appeals.

Hearn’s attorneys have argued that he is mentally disabled, thereby disqualifying him from execution. According to news reports, they also argue that he had incompetent legal help early in his case and that “conflicting court opinions hampered filing of late appeals.” There are many more details about Hearn’s case here.

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16 thoughts on “Tonight’s Execution: Yokamon Hearn

  1. Patricia Lee says:

    Can’t wait till they put this POS to death. Execute him now.

    • Sharon says:

      AMEN! It’s been done….I couldn’t rest until it happened. Was afraid he
      would get another last minute delay. Horrible what he did to that young man.

  2. Dudley Sharp says:

    clearly all his appeals failed because they had no merit.

  3. shannon says:

    wish i lived in america..we dont have the death penalty here…but i think your prisoners get too many appeals…

  4. Ducrotois says:

    You, americans, are defintely sick to put to death retarded people. Just for your information, Hitler did the same and was condemned for this.
    And also for your information,the execution of a retarded man is a non-respect of UN resolution 1984/50 . Definitely, US (some states of the south) is coming back to middle ages and the third world. National and international statistics prove it. That’s so ugly but it’s your choice Just like Jeff Daniel said during the first five minutes of the new serie “Newsroom”, United states is not the greatest coutry in the world anymore. Shame on you.

    • emma price says:

      To be fair, and I am very anti- death penalty, it’s easy enough to state the case against without resorting to reference to the holocaust, which is irrelevant to modern organised and state sanctioned murder (legal execution)

      The fact of a persons level of intellect , high, low, average, below average or anywhere inbetween is not what makes judicial execution wrong.

      What makes it wrong is that no human being has the right to take the life of any other human being irregardless of what that person is ALLEDGED to have done.

    • Dudley Sharp says:

      There is no proof of this murderer being retarded. Those found retarded cannot be executed in the US.

  5. emma price says:

    Capital punishment – if you haven’t got the capital you get the punishment.

    Clearly all his appeals failed because the only two people who were witnesses rolled on him to get themselves off the hook. Without their testimony/lies/coerced false confession, it would have been very hard to say which ‘one’ individual was ‘responsible’ for the shooting.

    Do you really believe he fired 10 times with two different weapons, or is it maybe possible that he ws not the only shooter? does it just make you feel riteous, vindicated and ‘just’ to kill a guy who in all likelyhood wasn’t the only one responsible, but just got the worst deal?
    Guess you need a scapegoat and any one of you just ant ‘innocent ‘ people applauding this man’s death could easily find yourself in the same position, regardless of wheher you are guilty or just unlucky. You have executed many people whose guilt was not proven beyond reasonable doubt, and will continue to do so.

    Your legal system (America) is a joke, you are disney land with the death sentance, no civilised nation has the right to take the life of any human, no matter what they have done it is state sanctioned murder. You have no concept of the difference between justice and revenge

    You people who think this barbarism has any place in civilised society sicken me to the pit of my stomach, by murdering this man, you do not take away the pain of the family left beraved by the crime, but leave another innocent family bereft.

    How dare you try to lecture the world on human rights when you are as barbaric, deluded and corrupt as any other country that murders it’s own citizens via a mickey mouse court.

    Enough said.

    • Dudley Sharp says:

      Very unlikely he was retarded. The provably retarded cannot be executed in the US.

      The death penalty is not a human rights violation.

      The death penalty is just, appropriate and proportional sanction for some murders, as well as being a better protector of innocent lives than lesser sanctions.

      • emma price says:

        Did I say or suggest he was retarded? the death penalty is aborrhent, regardless of the intelect of the individual executed. Guess we will have to agree to disagree on this one

      • emma price says:

        I think you meant your reply for the poster above me. I did not suggest this man is retarded and as I said to you in my earlier reply, it does not matter to me whether the condemed is of high, low or average I.Q – No country that claims to advocate human rights has any buisness executing it’s citizens, regardles of the crime they MAY be guilty of.

        Your police and lawyers deliberatly coherce false confessions from one party against another party in exchange for avoidance of the death penalty or lighter sentences, so it is often not the truly guilty that die, but the individual who gets the blame from his co-accused, but what does that matter, as long as you people get your state condoned murder, you are happy, the wheels of ‘justice’ just keep turning for you, don’t they, and you can make believe that only the truly guilty get the death penalty and all is sunshine and birdsong and it could obviously NEVER happen to you, the law being so infalible, that you could find yourself one day in that situation.

        As I said, Disney land with the Death penalty.

        Also as I said, it is about money- those with the capital i.e the wealth to secure the best defence team can and have gotten away with murder, those who do not have the finacial resources often end up with inept or corrupt legal defense and are convicted regardless of guilt or innocence, for the sake of getting a conviction.

        However, since you raised the subject of mental capacity, lets talk about that:

        many individuals who have not had the mental capacity to defend themselves or present a defense or even understand the charges and proceedings against them have wrongfully gone to their deaths at the hands of the state because hell, it’s better than paying to care for them for the rest of their lives, and a damned sight easier than searching for the real perpetrator.

        You peple who have no compassion or empathy with those executed by your kangaroo court legal system may have a lot more in common with these people whose deaths so appllaude.

        For the record I am no ‘do gooder’ I am a soldier who has fought for queen and country and seen a lot more of the world that you armchair executioners ever will

        I rest my case

  6. Dudley Sharp says:

    No Emma, it is not about the money, it is about committing capital murders, an extremely small percentage of all murders, for which the overwhelming majority of criminals that commit it are poor, but for which the poor are very unlikely to be sentenced to death.

    There is no evidence that the death penalty is either a human rights violation or is based upon revenge.

    If you would like to make an attempt at rebutting my opinions, please do so.

    I hope that you will choose the honorable choice of replying, instead of deleting my posts, as you have done before.

    It is a more honorable and honest way of dealing with this important public policy issue.



    • Dudley Sharp says:

      My apologies for confusing emma and megan. It was Megan that blocked/removed some prior comments of mine.

      Hopefully, she will not do so in the future

  7. Dudley Sharp says:


    Evidence is important.

    Instead of you calling folks and systems names, let’s try to have a mature discussion. OK?

    In how many death penalty cases can you prove that a false confession was intentionally extracted?

    This, in the context, that there may be proof of from 25-40 actual innocents sentenced to death under post Greg v Georgia legal due process. That is 0.3-0.4% of those so sentenced to death.

    No one disputes that the US death penalty has extraordinary due process protections, as supported both by the facts and repeatedly supported by anti death penalty folks who concede the extraordinary expense of the due process protections, within death penalty cases.

    Yes, your case is both rested and weak.

  8. Gard Simons says:

    The death penalty doesn’t serve any purpose. It’s just another murder. It brutalizes societies and the people who have te execute the court order. It has no repellent effects, yes, even the opposite is true. It is uncivilized and medieval. Thus, the US are an uncivilized country. My country abolished the death penalty in 1870 and I’m very proud of that.

  9. dudley sharp says:

    Dear Gard:

    The purpose of the death penalty is justice, as with all criminal sanctions. In additon, it helps to spare additonal innocent lives, as a profoundly important secondary outcome.

    The death penalty is no more murder, than incarceration is kidnapping or fines are robbery,
    meaning not at all.

    If you, wrongly, equate innocent victim and guilty murderer, punishment and crime, then you may, amorally or immorally, call a just execution murder.

    “Killing Equals Killing: The Amoral Confusion of Death Penalty Opponents”–very-distinct-moral-differences–new-mexico.aspx

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