Countdown to an Execution: Carl Simmons Jr.

From Margaret Baker, who is on site at Parchman covering the execution for the Sun Herald:

PARCHMAN — MDOC Commissioner Christopher Epps said condemned killer Gary Carl Simmons Jr. is in a “somber” mood today and not very talkative.

Simmons, he said, has not been a model inmate, having received more than 60 serious violations since he arrived at the state prison in 1997.

Those violations have included such things as “throwing hot water on staff, …destroying state property … and not following sanitation regulations…”

In addition, Epps said, Simmons had made various “threatening or intimidating” statements to MDOC staff over the years. In one instance, he said, Simmons told a MDOC staffer, ” ‘I’m going to kill you MDOC … and I hope Jesus loves you, boy.”

A jury in 1997 convicted Simmons, 49, and Timothy “Timmy” Milano, 34, of capital murder in the kidnapping and dismemberment of Texas man Jeffery Wolfe. A jury also convicted Simmons of the rape of Wolfe’s girlfriend, who was tied up and locked in a metal box before she later was escaped.

Simmons, a Pascagoula grocery store butcher, deboned and cut up Wolfe’s body into 88 pieces and dumped most of the remains in a bayou behind his Moss Point home.

Simmons has not had any visitors today, but his former defense attorney, Harvey Barton, visited him Tuesday.

Earlier today, at 5:36 a.m., Simmons was offered a serving of scrambled eggs, a slice of ham, a serving of Frosted Flakes, a biscuit, four packs of sugar, two boxes of milk and a cup of coffee.

Simmons ate the eggs, drank the milk and coffee.

At lunch, he was offered meatloaf, rice, salad and dressing, cornbread, gravy and a cup of punch. He ate the salad and drank some of the punch.

Simmons’ sister is scheduled to witness the execution along with Wolfe’s father, Paskiel Wolfe Sr., and his wife, Linda.

In addition to his sister, Simmons requested his two spiritual advisors and attorneys, Harvey Barton and Scott Johnson, witness the execution.

Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd and Sunflower County Sheriff James Haywood are witnessing the execution as well.

For his last meal, Simmons has asked for a medium deep dish Pizza Hut supreme pizza with a double portion of tomato sauce, mushrooms, onions, jalapeno and pepperoni slices as well other assorted toppings. He wants 10 packs of parmesan cheese, 10 packs of Ranch dressing, a 16-ounce family size bag of Doritos, eight ounces of Nacho cheese, four ounces of sliced jalapeno peppers, two large strawberry milkshakes, two Cherry Cokes, one super-sized order of McDonald’s french fries with extra ketchup and mayonnaise and two pints of strawberry ice cream.

Baker will be updating this story as the execution progresses, so you can check back here for more details. You can also follow her on Twitter here:

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