Last Week’s Execution: Henry Jackson Jr.

I tweeted about this execution last week, but wasn’t able to cobble together a blog post about it until now. On June 5th, Mississippi executed Henry “Curtis” Jackson Jr., who was accused of fatally stabbing four young nieces and nephews in 1990.

From the Associated Press:

“Authorities said 47-year-old Henry “Curtis” Jackson Jr. was pronounced dead at 6:13 p.m. local time Tuesday after receiving an injection at the Mississippi State Penitentiary.

The execution was carried out after the state’s governor rejected a request by two of Jackson’s sisters to spare him.
Court records show Jackson killed the children, ages 2 to 5, on Nov. 1, 1990, at his mother’s home in the Delta region while she was at church, reportedly to take money from her safe.”
Jackson declined to make a last statement and also did not make a special request for a last meal. He did not eat any of the standard meal he was given. Jackson opted not to take the sedative inmates facing execution are offered. He spent his last hours visiting with family and writing letters.
Interestingly enough, two of Jackson’s sisters whose children were murdered by Jackson begged Governor Phil Bryant to spare his life.

“As a mother who lost two babies, all I’m asking is that you not make me go through the killing of my brother,” Regina Jackson wrote in a letter to Bryant.

She told the AP that she has forgiven her brother over the years. “If they kill him, they’re doing the same thing that he did. The dying is going to have to stop somewhere.”

Glenda Kuyoro, another of Jackson’s sisters, also wrote a letter to the governor.

“We are the victims in this case, and we are begging you not to let Curtis be killed. You can keep him in Parchman forever, but please don’t put our family through this horrible execution. We are not asking you to take pity on Curtis, we’re asking you to show US mercy. We have been through enough.”


Mississippi Executes Killer Who Fatally Stabbed 4 of His Nieces and Nephews

Sisters Want Death Row Brother, Henry Curtis Jackson Jr., Who Killed Their Kids Spared 

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One thought on “Last Week’s Execution: Henry Jackson Jr.

  1. dudleysharp says:

    You said he was “accused” of murdering those 4 people.

    Was he not convicted?

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