At the Death House Door with Carlos DeLuna

The video above is a trailer for the documentary At the Death House Door, which follows the career of Carroll Pickett, the death house chaplain at the “Walls” prison unit in Huntsville, Texas for 15 years. The film focuses on Pickett’s time as a chaplain, but hones in specifically on Carlos DeLuna, whose execution affected Pickett more than any other.

Additionally, there was an incredible investigation of the DeLuna case that came out long before the report published Monday by the Columbia University team. It was conducted by two Chicago Tribune reporters, Steve Mills and Maurice Possley, and came out the day afterKansas v. Marsh was decided, which was the case in which Justice Scalia made his famous remark that if an innocent man were executed, his name would be shouted from the rooftops. The 3-part series became a finalist for a Pulitzer in national reporting the year it came out. Apparently someone was shouting.

Here’s the links to the 3 parts, which are well worth a read:

Part 1: `I Didn’t Do It. But I Know Who Did’

Part 2: Phantom or Killer

Part 3: The Secret that Wasn’t

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