Today’s Execution: Beunka Adams

29-year-old Beunka Adams faces execution tonight in Huntsville, Texas.

Beunka Adams, a Texas inmate facing lethal injection this evening, is hoping the U.S. Supreme Court will spare him.

The 29-year-old Adams is one of two men sent to death row for the 2002 fatal shooting of Kenneth Vandever. Adams and his accomplice robbed a store and took three hostages, including 37-year-old Vandever and two women clerks. The hostages were driven to a field where Vandever and one of the women were shot. Both females survived. Adams has consistently denied being the shooter.

Adams earlier this week won a reprieve from a federal judge, but state attorneys Wednesday won an appeal overturning the order.

Adams’ lawyers are asking for a Supreme Court review of the case. He is set to die by lethal injection at 6 p.m. CST in Huntsville, TX.  There will be live radio coverage of the execution broadcast here.

I can’t determine an exact reason why without some further digging, but Beunka seems to have quite a large following on the outside. I’ve come across several petitions and websites for him in the course of looking for facts for this post. Some of these sites declare him to be wrongfully convicted, however, from what I’ve read, Adams admits to being present at the robbery and shooting, although he consistently states he did not pull the trigger and tried to stop the shooting. The constraints of having a day job prevent me from looking too deeply into these sites (and the reasons for his large following) at the moment, but I offer them here for your review: petition for Beunka Adams

Another Beunka Adams page on a seemingly randomly named site

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One thought on “Today’s Execution: Beunka Adams

  1. kevin coleman says:

    the governor of texas thrive on putting people to death what if it was one of his relatives he would commute the sentence in a heart beat now dont get me wrong mr adams deserve to go to prison because he was there but not death i believe texas needs to abolish the death penalty and let the man up stairs be the judge.But he’s a republican and i hate his guts

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