David Alan Gore Executed in Florida

David Alan Gore, file photo from TCPalm.com

David Gore has been executed at Florida State Prison in Starke. He was pronounced dead at 6:19 p.m. ET. Gore was on death row for 28 years.

After his appeal to the state Supreme Court was denied earlier this week, Gore’s attorneys appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court. However, less than two hours before the scheduled execution, state and local officials learned the court denied all of Gore’s appeals. “The Supreme Court has denied everything,” Assistant State Attorney Ryan Butler said about 90 minutes before the execution, adding officials received the information via telephone late this afternoon. “A written order of denial will be forthcoming.”

During an afternoon media update, Florida DOC spokesperson Ann Howard told reporters Gore has prepared a hand-written final statement, that read:

“I would like to say to Mr. and Mrs. Elliott, that I truly am sorry for my part in the death of your daughter. I wish above all else my death could bring her back,” the statement said. “I am not the same man today that I was 28 years ago. When I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior, I became a new creature in Christ and I know God has truly forgiven me for my past sins.”

Gore also gave a similar final verbal statement in the execution chamber:

“I want to say to the Elliott family I am sorry for the death of your daughter. I am not the man I was back then, 28 years ago. I’m a Christian. Christ lives within me. I hope you can all find peace today,” he said to the witnesses. “… I hope they can find in their hearts to forgive me. I don’t fear death. Thank you.”

Gore received his last meal of fried chicken, french fries, butter pecan ice cream and a soft drink early this afternoon and was visited for an hour by his mother and an ex-wife this morning. He also met with a spiritual advisor.

More details will be added as they emerge

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David Alan Gore executed

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