Tonight’s Execution: Keith Thurmond

Update 6:08 p.m. CST: Keith Thurmond’s last minute appeal was denied by the Supreme Court. Execution should be beginning soon.

Texas, the busiest death chamber in the nation, is preparing to carry out its 480th execution since the reinstatement of the death penalty with the execution of 52-year-old Keith Thurmond tonight around 6 p.m. CST.

Thurmond was convicted of the Sept. 25, 2001 shooting of his estranged wife, Sharon Anne Thurmond, and her boyfriend, Guy Sean Fernandez in Magnolia, TX. The Thurmond’s 8-year old son watched as his dad murdered his mother.

Thurmond’s attorney missed a filing deadline, causing Thurmond to lose his federal appeal, the last constitutionally required review before a death sentence may be carried out. Execution Watch will provide live coverage and commentary Wednesday on his execution.

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One thought on “Tonight’s Execution: Keith Thurmond

  1. Personally, I have no issue with someone being lethally injected for committing acts of violent and premeditated murder, none at all, but those poor, innocent families that are left behind. As if they haven’t suffered enough already by having a convicted killer in the family, we can only surmise at the unimaginable pain they experience when their family member is put to death. Focus solely on the crimes of these vicious and callous murderers and for many of us it is really quite easy to support the death penalty. If we stop for a moment, though, and consider the families of these killers in a way that they themselves never did when they committed their murderous acts, we might just be satisfied with life in prison without parole, at least, that’s my view.

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