A Few Words About Commenting

Having now received several comments that are incredibly hateful to people on both sides of the death penalty debate, I’d like to take a moment to say a few words about commenting on this site.

This blog is a component in an ongoing academic project, and as such is meant to encourage a dialogue about this very controversial topic. While my own opinions on the issue sometimes shine through, I make every effort to post information from both sides of the debate and to refrain from being biased or inflammatory with my posts. I encourage everyone who visits to comment and leave questions, concerns or food for thought, regardless of where they fall on the death penalty issue.

Comments will never be deleted simply because I disagree with what is being said.

However, please know that comments that contain excessive profanity, obscene or hurtful language, or that are hateful simply for the sake of being hateful will not be approved. I reserve the right to delete, move, or edit any postings that I consider unacceptable, irrelevant, or inappropriate, whether for legal or other reasons.

There are a wide variety of public forums that allow anyone and everyone to spew hatred and vitriol without moderation. This site is not one of them and those sorts of comments will not be tolerated here.


One thought on “A Few Words About Commenting

  1. nancy estrada says:

    Reading about this just makes me appreciate my freedom, luxury of sleeping in my own bed surrounded by family knowing i can do as i please. unfortunately people on death row kissed that good bye when they were sentence. i imagine myself on death row & Id rather die than to live in constant reminder of my impending death is approaching with each passing day.. im sure inmates regret committing their crimes while locked up behind those walls in their solitude. If they dont well then let god handle that. Wow. im scared straight about EVER breaking the law. its a sad end for both the victims & executed inmates.
    Death Row is nothing to play with it got my attention & im one less who

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