Pennsylvania May Decide to Study Death Penalty


Tomorrow, Tuesday December 5, the judiciary committee will be voting on SR6, a resolution to study the death penalty in Pennsylvania as a way to conclusively determine its effectiveness, introduced by the chair of that committee, Senator Stewart Greenleaf.

The resolution calls for a bipartisan task force to be formed of four Senators and an advisory committee of 30 people in varying fields that would be involved in capital punishment, from law enforcement to non-profit organizations. The resolution itself lists some interesting information about the death penalty in Pennsylvania.

Amongst the most thought provoking were mentions of the American Bar Associations identification of ‘several areas’ where Pennsylvania’s system for determination of capital punishment is faulty. While the ABA ‘neither supports nor opposes the death penalty’, they have urged Pennsylvania to temporarily halt executions until the process can be ‘made fair an accurate’.

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With the recent moratorium placed on the death penalty in Oregon by Governor John Fitzhaber, after inmate Gary Haugen volunteered to forego any further appeals and even went so far as to tell The Statesman’s Journal that he planned to challenge the temporary reprieve,  issues with the death penalty in America are in the spotlight. Haugen states his reasoning for this action in the interview, the same reasoning as during his refusal of further appeals, calling the floundering on whether or not to execute him (he’s prepared for his execution twice now) “cruel and unusual punishment.”

Pennsylvania’s death row has a similar situation, also mentioned in the resolution, where three death sentences have been carried out since its reinstatement in 1978 but there have been 352 people sentenced to death in the state in that time. Not mentioned in the resolution, 6 people have been exonerated from death row, twice as many as have been executed, in PA during the same time period.

to read SR6 visit :

for more information about the American Bar Association’s findings on PA’s death penalty visit :

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