Reginald Brooks Executed in Ohio

In addition to  Oba Chandler, another lethal injection took place this afternoon with the execution of Reginald Brooks in Ohio. Brooks became the first person put to death in the state since it revised death penalty procedures in September, ending a six-month break in executions in the state that often executes more than any other state except Texas. Brooks was convicted of killing his three sons while they slept in 1982.

At 66 years old, Brooks was the oldest person put to death since Ohio resumed executions in 1999. He declined to make a final statement, but witnesses and prison officials said he raised his middle finder on each hand and his hands remained that way throughout the procedure. His time of death was 2:04 p.m.

For his last meal, Brooks requested lasagna, garlic bread, ice cream, chocolate cake, root beer, almonds, beef jerky and caramel candy.

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