Prosecutor Who Put Oba Chandler Away to Witness Execution

Bruce Bartlett, the chief assistant state attorney for Pinellas and Pasco counties, will witness his first execution next week when he watches the state execute Oba Chandler. Bartlett was the prosecutor at Chandler’s trial 17 years ago, along with retired prosecutors Doug Crow and Bob Lewis.

“I really have no compunction or reservations in seeing this guy executed,” Bartlett told the Tampa Tribune. “If Florida is going to have a death penalty, this individual is the poster child for having it.”

Chandler is set to be executed Tuesday at 4 p.m. at Florida State Prison in Starke, barring any last minute stays. His attorney filed a last-minute request for a stay of execution, but is not particularly hopeful about the request.

“If we’re denied, frankly, that’s it,” attorney Baya Harrison said in a Tampa Tribune article. “We have nothing else to file. All of his appeals have been exhausted. We’re out of steam.”

Harrison says his client is also realistic about the chances of a stay.

“Chandler has told me, ‘Don’t go filing a bunch of baloney,'” Harrison said. “If we lose, he’s resigned to his execution.”

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