More News on Hank Skinner’s Stay

Hank skinnerCNN has an excellent article about the stay of execution for Hank Skinner, in which they detail some of the details surrounding the case and the opposition to the execution. For instance, I hadn’t heard that members of the jury are also supportive of the DNA testing, and that Danny Stewart, the jury foreman, wrote a letter to the Dallas Morning News saying the execution should be stayed “until all of the uncertainty is resolved.” Stewart also wrote:

“Since the trial, I and many of my fellow jurors have grown increasingly concerned that key pieces of DNA evidence from the crime scene remain untested. Either the tests confirm Skinner’s guilt or prove his innocence and prevent the state from making an irreversible mistake. There is simply no downside.”

And in an article from the Sydney Morning Herald, Skinner’s wife said she was relieved about the stay but that “we’re not there yet.” Sandrine Ageorges, a death penalty activist who met Skinner in the 1990s and married him, spoke out about the stay, slammed the politics of her husband’s case and detailed who she would like to see taking a more active role . According to Ageorges, it will likely be around the end of July before there is a decision on whether Skinner gets the DNA testing.

And finally, David Protess, president of the Chicago Innocence Project, has been reporting regularly on the Skinner case for Huffington Post and has a new article today about the latest developments. In it, he discusses how the Skinner controversy got started in June of 2000 on, of all places, Nancy Grace.

“The stay is temporary. This war is far from over.”
— David Protess


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