BREAKING: Hank Skinner Granted A Stay

Hank Skinner

Update:  Gavin Aronsen of Mother Jones is reporting that the stay does not guarantee Skinner DNA testing, but will decide whether it will be allowed.

Update: The order from the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals can be read here: CCA order

Hank Skinner, the inmate from Texas who has been fighting for years to get crime scene evidence tested for DNA, has been granted a stay by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals just two days before he was scheduled to be executed.

The court said it wanted to have more time to consider the requests for DNA testing in light of changes to post-conviction testing law. Some news organizations are reporting that DNA testing will now occur, although some of the evidence Skinner wants tested no longer exists. It’s unclear at this point if the testing will occur or is just being discussed.

Skinner, who was on death row for the 1993 murder of his former girlfriend and her two adult sons. Skinner has maintained his innocence, stating he was too incapacitated from codeine and alcohol to have committed the crime.

Skinner’s case has been receiving fairly heavy media coverage in light of the nation’s renewed interest in the death penalty after the execution of Troy Davis and election campaign of Rick Perry. He has also received support from members of law enforcement, the former director of the FBI and a former Texas governor.

Details on this case are still emerging and this post will be updated as more information becomes available. 

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