Judge Denies Hank Skinner’s Third Attempt at DNA Testing

Less than a week before Hank Skinner is set to be executed in Texas, a judge as denied his third attempt to obtain DNA testing on evidence he claims will exonerate him. Skinner, accused of murdering his girlfriend and her two adult sons, has always maintained his innocence.

The judge did not explain the reasoning behind his decision, which was only four sentences long according to records. Skinner’s attorney said he will appeal the decision to the Court of Criminal Appeals.

There are seven items Skinner has identified that have never been tested: a blood-spattered windbreaker near the female victim’s body that was very similar to one owned by the victim’s uncle, hair found next to her body, two knives, a rape kit, her fingernail clippings and a bloody dish towel.

Skinner’s case is gaining national attention and his upcoming execution is drawing a wide array of criticism, as activists draw parallels between Skinner and Troy Davis.

Read more here: http://amarillo.com/news/local-news/2011-11-03/pampa-judge-denies-skinner-appeal#.TrLdpJyCKKO

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