Scott Says Chandler Was “Right Case” For Execution

Here’s the latest news article on Florida’s upcoming execution, which will be the second of the year. The Miami Herald reports Scott said:

“I looked through different cases, and it made sense to do that one. There’s never one thing. It was the right case.”

Chandler is set to be executed Nov. 15th at 4pm for the brutal murders of Joan Rogers and her two teenage daughters, who were on their way back to Ohio after a vacation to Disney World.

What isn’t mentioned in the article and what most don’t know is that there are dozens of inmates that are currently warrant eligible. This means they have exhausted all their appeals and the Governor could sign a death warrant and set an execution date at any time. Yet Florida has only executed one person in the past year and a half, and currently has almost 400 people awaiting execution on death row, which is incredibly expensive for taxpayers. So why are these people who are warrant eligible waiting? When will their number be up? Next month? Or five years from now? How does the Governor decide whose warrant to sign?

The answer is no one knows. As the article states, “Gov. Rick Scott says there was no specific reason he chose Oba Chandler as the next Death Row inmate to be executed.” So in a confusing and seemingly arbitrary system, the governor has complete discretion over who will be executed when and why. If a certain governor is less concerned with executions, maybe only one inmate will have a death warrant signed. If another governor is more prone to executions, he could sign multiple warrants every week. If that’s not a random method for enforcing justice, I’m not sure what is.

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2 thoughts on “Scott Says Chandler Was “Right Case” For Execution

  1. G says:

    I agree all the inmates who are warrant eligible should be scheduled for execution and put both families at some sort of closure as well as reducing the burden on taxpayers.

  2. GG says:

    I am not sure what the process should be, but there should be a process so expectations, budgeting, etc. could be set.

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