Joel Osteen and the Death Penalty

Last night as I was at the gym I happened to catch an interview on Piers Morgan of Joel and Victoria Osteen. Morgan chose to press Osteen on several controversial issues, such as gay marriage, politics and the death penalty. The whole interview was fascinating, but in the interest of time and relevance, here’s what Osteen had to say regarding state-sanctioned executions.



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2 thoughts on “Joel Osteen and the Death Penalty

  1. GL says:

    He sounds like a politician, what is the answer…yes and no. But seriously I can see where he is coming from convicted death row inmates can give their lives to God, but that does not excuse them from the consequences of their actions, that is the same for all of us.

  2. JP says:

    he’s a fake and a fraud and i never believed that until i sat stunned at his answer durning this interview. funny, he had no problems saying he was against abortion but couldn’t say he was for or against the death penalty–which is a huge christian contradiction—just ask the pope.

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