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I stumbled across this post today and found it extremely interesting. It’s only a paragraph so I’ll go ahead and paste it here:

Linda Geffin was one of the Texas prosecutors who won a conviction and death sentence for Duane Buck in 1997.  She is now the division chief of the Special Prosecutions Unit in the Office of the Harris County Attorney, and she is urging Gov. Rick Perry and other state officials to stop Buck’s September 15 execution because improper race evidence was put before the jury considering his sentence.  In a letter to state officials, Geffin said that former Texas Attorney General John Cornyn had previously acknowledged the “improper injection of race in the sentencing hearing in Mr. Buck’s case,” and that “No individual should be executed without being afforded a fair trial, untainted by considerations of race.”  On June 9, 2000, Cornyn called for new sentencing trials for the defendents who had been improperly sentenced to death because of the racially biased testimony.  Of those seven defendents, Buck is the only one who has not been granted a new sentencing.

Something about this really struck me. In everything I have read about wrongful convictions here in Florida, it’s been so rare to find an attorney who will admit mistakes in one of their cases and doesn’t try to sweep it under the rug. It’s very inspiring to see the prosecutor who helped put Buck away now fighting to make sure he receives the fair trial every citizen has a right to. I wish there were more out there like Geffin.

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