Trouble in Texas

I just ran across this article about Hank Skinner, an inmate in Texas whose execution date has been set for November. It’s a quick read if you want to check it out, but here’s the meat of the story.

On November 9th, unless a court intervenes, Hank Skinner will die in Texas, like hundreds before him, with toxic chemicals being pumped through his veins. The same Hank Skinner claims to be innocent of the murders for which he was convicted and condemned, and what’s more, he says that he can prove it: a number of items recovered from the crime scene have never been tested for DNA, and he says that testing will show that someone else was there.

Now, we don’t know for sure whether Hank is innocent or guilty. All we know is that the State of Texas won’t pay to make sure – and neither will it let him pay. A windbreaker, two knives and clothing left at the murder scene were never tested for DNA evidence. What Hank says, not unreasonably, is that before the State kills him, couldn’t they take a few days to double-check. Thus far, the State has said no.


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